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ohayoooo~~ been so long I almost forgot typad existed heheheh...

and yours is the first blog I stalk just like always.... and eh? whats this????? are the fans still at it?? well, that's an interesting thought but I wonder.....

and I really get your point on how the ojiisan can be different among the four. But really, its his complex nature that has drawn me to like this particular idol. Watching him, is like waiting for something out of the norm to happen. And when it does, it leaves you wanting more. Either that or dumbfounded, like a wth? moment, that leaves us wanting more.

too long a comment.... I hope you'r doing ok with the job and all..


nimby chan <333

aww <3 i know..i am too tired to post or sometimes the working of typepad annoy me...so much so i cannot stand writing T_T...XD

yeap they are going on and on...but not as bad as last time.We always want more from him ne :D he is so cute XDDDDDDD..

i love long comments ! i am doing ok i guess..tired and all but i guess thats work ...hope you are doing fine :D the fandom is pretty quiet these days ....which is a pity but i guess at least arashi chan is doing fine :D !!! hahahahaah...now i just need an ohchan drama :D

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