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The 2 women are younger?!!!
Was for sure that they were older. Oh me.....XDDDDDD
I s'pose the fountain of youth does exist huh.....:P

Only watched a clip when those two dorky yama went to marui(?) to capture some photos XDDD And thank fully there's no crazy fans out there XDD
Will dl when thee's someone sharing it^^


"and i really think she likes ohchan XD"
hahahaha.... I thought that too!
wasn't it obvious? during the boxing event she was like "kyaaaa so cool <3"

i would like to know how Nocchi(Perfume) will react if she watch Onho doing boxing cause she also seem idolized Ohno too much XD


yui chan : sorry for the lte reply T_T yeap older than him :D !

tenmon chan : YEAHHHHH you thought so too :DDD !!! YES YES :D
me toooooooo i want to see perfume and ohchan collab too :D
ANd so sorry for the late reply ~~


Yaaa, nande monaiii^^ (I wrote it correctly, didn't I? :P)

nO problemo sista ^^

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