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hi thre. actually i have noticed this a while ago, even without you noticing it, you have been mentioning nino a no of times in your blog next after ohno. LOL. so i guess i wouldnt be surprised about this., LOL, honestly, before my niban was sho, but suddenly, ohno is inching a lot closer to niban position, i have been noticing him a lot lately too.. so what the heck, froget the rankings XD

btw, you mentioned amber-chan? i remeber enjoying her blog a lot before? what happened to her? she closed her wordpress blog?


HEHEHE NINO! i don't even know about my ranking for arashi. for me, it's always been ohno, aiba, and then the other 3. but lately, i've been paying attention to jun a lot more. haha oh well, arashi as a group is the best anyways.


you made me thinking what's mine?? hmmmmmm~ lately~ like i dont have preference at all and all of them is no1~ me myself cant figure it out why~

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