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I think, the first time always a big one, whether to be nervous, mixing mistake, or jumbling out words, and well.....it did turn out enjoyable. They were really serious (well for the 3, the 2 of them......maybe not really XDD ) n a bit stiff.

And, when I think, they had MCing priority before the performance, it was relatively normal as the attention was splited, and still they managed to bring the stage n people in it to enjoy their perf and just had fun. After taht had to rush tot he roof for JCD live too wwwooooo......in the middle of snowing too >_< brrrrr.......

A second MCing for Kouhaku? I would love to see it.
My sister wouldn't even bother to watch/DL Kouhaku if Arashi wasn't in it (just like last year) XDDD.

Hmm...when you said it, true ne, Kanjani, Kattun, News, SMAP, HSJ, Dai-senpais too, all were having releases things. Hm..........

Maa...maa....maaa, all in consideration, I can't wait to see their activites for 2011.

Speaking of which, it's late but still wanna say it before you off >_<
Merry X Mas 2010
Happy New Year 2011
and Happy merry new Day of 2011

Let's have fun again this year.

pps. Did you watch MSSL 2010? Arashi's is the best, even beat Kouhaku's for me XDD. Can't help but noticied how the crowd went crazy for them (even though SMAP also went down n stayed pretty long down there, it just wasn't that 'stampede' XDD, gomen I'm biased).
But, yuzu's one is kinda ..bothering......Is that scripted?


hey dear :D
thanks so much !!!
MERRY 2010 christmas !!
and happy new year 2011 TOO !!!!! <33

i know i think the guys did a great job !! i dont really think they were too stiff ..thought it was more serious instead...i watched nakai host on kouhaku and when i first saw it i thought he was a bit stiff too and then i realised oh...actually its just that he is more serious..so i guess stiff most of the time = serious XD..hahaha the guys got better through the night though :D !!! so that was good !!

I DID WATCH IT !!! YES i know they looked like a stampede !!! i was so shocked ! cause they were running and pushing and like screaming and i was like O__O !!! hahahahah XD will defintiely post a big one on that soon !! hopefully soon T_T...

Have a wonderful wonderful week and year ahead yuui chan!


i love your opinion.... <3

about Oh-chan......huaahahahaha.... XDDDD
i totaly agree with you
his gap was too big!
when MCing, he only read the script... he didn't add anything...
but he tried once when he did the MC only with Nino...
yet that bratty Nino didn't give him a chance... XDDD
plus his voice was so small, it was sound like he just mumblings himself... I bet he want to say something but Nino already take the part so he stoped.... kawaisoooo....


i love what you analyze about the boys in kouhaku and i agree much with what you said. nino and sho can seriously host their own variety show which will probably take place soon, especially nino as his reaction and quips are so good and natural.

and i have to take my hat off to aiba for being so hyper from the beginning and high tension that he is not affected by the nervous atmosphere and gives off his natural vibe as he is. i guess the most unnatural and stiff out of all is jun as he is usually the most nervous in such events and i can see him trying really hard.

and ohno omg lol i was so nervous for him whenever he speaks. and i agree that he tends to rely on the members to speak when he's with them, and he look like he lost his soul somewhere in the middle. he look like he is drowsy and his eyes are empty. but when they perform everyone will be shocked as usual, they will be like "who is that?" lol i love his huge gap and honestly whenever they perform i can't shift my focus away from him to other members at all as he shines too brightly, so usually i repeat their performances multiple times again to watch other members. and i guess for many people who always think they lipsync, this should be concrete proof that with ohno around they sound the same as their cd does even during live.

a very much ohno-biased comment but then again, who can help it? lol


OHHH,you're back. Welcome.

About Arashi MCing I thought it was OK....for first time on super big event *not the same as JCD*...they look nervous and stiff^, not so freely like their usual.....but they carried safely till the end.
Nino was superb with his part, I can't tell at all that what he say was scripted! Sho kun was as expected good with much experience as caster and mc-ing their tv shows, Aiba chan was so cheerfull and pay attention ^^, Ohchan XD! He's not just little lost like you said but really lost to me XD! Make me want to see him alone as MC... so much possiblelity to what he would do ^^ I would love to see that! Matsujun was in my opinion trying too hard, He would be better if he can be a bit lose *he can take some lose from Ohchan....so he can be a bit allert and not lost all the time XD*

Like you, I thought this time red team will win, too. They really had good list of performances. Dream Come True was awesome! I myself choose the red for the WHOLE show *don't kill me ><* I only like Arashi on the white.

I love Furusato!!!! It's been awhile since I really like their slow tempo music this much. I love Mada Ue Wo and Gift.....but not this much since Sirius! I lost count how many I played that part! I think the whole perf from the beginning of the narration until the end was brilliant. The song intro and a bit pause *like only 1 second* on Ohchan beginning part before the solo piano.....his shoting and calm voice so strong and in harmony with the piano *I think the arragement with solo piano was awesome*.....then come Nino's part with his high and emotional voice and add the more string and instrumental.....Sho voice *I don't know why but he sound Jiggy? springy? I don't know the word* a little different to me....Aiba chan nasal and playfull voice *sound like he was smiling or trying not to laugh as he sing?! Do I make sense??* .... and Junjun on pich voice.....and the chorus....Ohchan's and Nino's voices were really clear, I can hear the both of them on top the bunch of background singers! And they harmonized so good! I would love to hear the longer version! I want to say I LOVE Youth Case and Hydrant!!!

WOW! I write so much ^^

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