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AAAH i'm still trying to wait until i get my DVD to watch the concert, but i did watch all the solos already. and the MC. SDLKFJ MAN THEY'RE AMAZING. and i just listened to lotus! i really liked it. :) ohno's "woah" was really good


raining pandas chan :D !!! I KNOW his WOW IS Like AMAZING O_O!!!!!!!! its so much loved <3333 >_< <333 hope you are doing good ^_^


after watching kt, news, k8 and smap's concert, i also realised the distinct difference between theirs and arashi's concert. they really danced a lot and the concert sequence, stage effects and everything is done so professionally that it is an enjoyment and high entertainment for anyone who is not even a fan of idols. especially the part of Re(mix)able-dance. and we get to hear ohno singing the starting lines of circus solo in the concert version, my personal biased lol

another difference is each member does a hell lot of waving, gestures and look at each fan one by one properly instead of only courtesy waving or mass waving to the crowd. even through the screen the level of passion and kimochi can actually be felt. their concert just gets better and better ~


hey melodychan ^_^ !! so sorry i could not reply your earlier comments <3 but i really appreciate them !!!

oh thank YOu <333 you noticed it too !!!!! * so happy ^^* desho !! Their concerts are really done very professionally ! SO SO AWESOME :D and i think alot of non-fans appreciate it ! i love the way you phease your thoughts :D !!
and yes the dance oh gosh HOT :D !!! hahahaha ohchan <3333 YEYYY :DDDDD i love your biased

OH YeS THE WAVING and THe passion is just so energetic you really feel so good after watching them even if its on DvD and not live ^_^ <333

ahh i cant wait for another con to come out :D and hopefully one day i will see it live myself ^^

thanks for the comment dear <3

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