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I pity them. Too much expectation from them and the responsibility they carried during kohaku, and yet people still bash our boys.

I love them whatever happens,the same way i did 5 yrs ago(when things used to be simpler)


totwi chan~ im having the same problem now~ just too obsessed with what sales ratings what media or other people think bout them~ really badly too.. it just make my head is going to dushhh! doesn't have peace in my mind~ sitting in front of my lappy to do assignment but end up looking arama and etc~ its only in ur blog i can find peace really~ yeahh coz im having the same exact feeling with u~ reading all ur article just made me feel relieved! really >.< why on earth every1 just want to bashing them~ please just let my boy alone~


@aliamarie: wow 5 years :D that is really long
m(_ _)m !!!!! i am sure things will become simpler in time to come ^_^ but i know as that happens arashi's popularity will drop, but i think i can accept that ^_^ <3 i will just follow them the way that i used to before i was stuck on ratings and sales...
thanks dear for the comment <3


@izyankazunari :

hey dear <3 totally know what you feel...i think in the middle of last year i was just like that...even worse actually...couldnt sleep or like always feel so miserable....
i dont know what happened actually...but towards the end of the year...i really took a hard look at why i a a fan and when and why i became a fan and then i realised i could not keep wanting them on top....i would go crazy....its hard...i sometimes slip back into thinking these thoughts but i have to keep reminding myself that i love them and thats all that matters...if other ppl love them too, thats great..but if they dont, i would still like them....its hard,...but i think it would come easier in time :) *hugs*


Totwi,Yes,I'm on my 5th year as an arashi fan..hehehe!My wallet has been crying the last 4 yrs but it's all worth it especially when i see them.
I am happy for their success but the haters will always be there.


I've been with other boy bands in my lifetime, not Asian, and I don't know how bad the Japanese critics or media are compared to the ones here in the USA, but they can be pretty bad, and after all that, I know that the fans can be pretty fickle especially in Asia where you've got so many boy bands from not just Japan but Korea, China, Taiwan, etc. and I think when you got boy bands who are in the same agency like JE, fans of different groups come to expect that when one group reaches a certain popularity and attention level, they say stuff like oh they need to make room or give other groups a chance because they're over exposed or whatever, but being that I work for a living I see it from a different point of view in that they're not just idols, they've also got a job to do, and in this industry you don't step aside for other people anymore than you step aside in your career for your coworkers, especially when promotions are on the line. You what you have to do to earn a living, make money, and get promoted (or in Arashi's case, do promotions, dramas, variety shows, sing, concerts, appearances, etc) to support your family, yourself, and continue to do it to hopefully have a long career just like ordinary people. We're not really any different than them, they just have to do everything in front of the public and the camera, which is a little harder, so yeah I do feel sorry for them because they had to grow up in front of it, make life mistakes in love and friendships, in their jobs, etc., and learn from it in front of everybody too, had to deal with backstabbings, other groups trying to compete against them, and there was even once upon a time when they weren't even popular and as hard as they tried to sell singles it didn't do so well and it seemed like people forgot them despite how hard they worked on shows like Mago Mago Arashi, C no arashi when they had to deal with all kinds of complaints from claims submittted by people, to mayonaka no arashi when they had to travel in the dead of night when they were still kids, Arashi has done it all. It's sad people forget all this, and younger fans who still go to school don't understand what it is like to work hard for a living but if putting up with crappy teachers and parents, and peer pressures like sex and smoking/drugs, etc. is anything like working hard in front of a spotlight, and if you know what it's like to feel forgotten, then hopefully everybody, not matter if you're a boy or a girl, young or old, going to school or a salaryman who has to put up with screaming bosses or not enough pay, hopefully everybody will understand just a little of what Arashi has to go through, but you know what Arashi does - inspite of all the bashings, the rumors/gossips the tabloids put up every other week, the shit they put with Johnny and everyone else they work with, and their ridiculous crazy schedule not just as idols, music artists, and hosts, but also as Japan's tourism navigators with additional duties on top of all of that - THEY STILL DO IT ALL, ALL OF IT, WITH A SMILE, WITH A LAUGH, NOT MINDING MAKING THEMSELVES LOOK LIKE IDIOTS, FOOLS, AIRHEADS, FAILBOATS, - THEY DO IT ALL FOR THE FANS, FOR THEIR "FURUSATO" - THEIR HOMETOWN JAPAN - so that people can smile a little, laugh a little, find a little happiness, find a little joy in their lives, and you know why they put up with all of it? Because that's what idols do. Matsujun said it right from the very beginning on Mayonaka no Arashi under a waterfall, he called each member to give happiness to the rest of the world. And that's exactly what they do every day. I just wish people can remember that. Because I do, and I know fans like us do, and why no matter how big or small they are, how popular or unpopular they are, whether they still a million or 1 single a year, we still support them 100 percent because if they can give back, we can too. And I think that's what it is to be Arashi, and what it is to be an Arashi fan. :) So keep smiling, because ultimately, somehow, in some way, it will all be okay, because Riida, Matsujun, Nino, Aiba and Sho-chan, will be too.


By the way, thanks for letting me have my say too. ^.^ I completely agree with you, and I think it's okay to rant every now and then (as you said - was it here, or maybe your other post lol). I did too but unfortunately some people don't get we all have a prerogative and right to be able to do that if we want to because if the media can bash and report inaccurate stuff and do crap, why shouldn't we have the right to have our say too every now and then, ne? :) Besides, I'm a girl, I have a right to be emotional. LOL XD

Anyway, as a certain American group's fan would say, keep the Arashi pride alive. :)

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