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ah, I know what you mean by the amount of Arashi you see in Japan and about being a fan. It really was easy. It was fun being a fan in Japan. And yeah, the amount of Arashi you actually see is not as much as you would think but it's enough. It's a good amount :D Not total overkill. Although I think it was just cause it's not Tokyo. (I lived in Fukuoka), but Tokyo really is kind of overkill on everything. o_O you see Johnny's EVERYWHERE (not literally but like posters and stuff). And you hear their songs everywhere, it's kind of crazy.

I'm glad you had fun. Hokkaido is an amazing place, especially in the summer. The frozen yogurt is SO good. ^^


HELLO! I'VE MISSED YOU! I forgot you left so I just kept on thinking ".. How come I don't see her posts anymore? D:" Haha, I'm glad you had such a good time in Japan with all the Arashi, food and everything! And a Prince of Tennis game! YES YES YES. PoT is amazing. I love all the characters. :$

Did you hear about how Kaibutsu-kun's gonna make an appearance on Kouhaku?! Can't waaait ♥


@griffenhawk: Hey dear :D I KNOW it really seems to be really fun to be a fan in japan :D ! ahh tokyo will be interesting ...i really want to know what it will be like there as a fan..hahaha XD i need to go to tokyo on of these days XD !!
AHHHHHH FUKOUKA !!!! I LOVE LOVE FUKOUKA !!!!! went there on my first trip to japan !!!! gOSH !!! its beautiful !! just the right temp, and the streets are so wide and time is nice and slow paced and yet calming and full of life :D !!!! ahhh i want to go back there T_T....hahah

AHh YES THE yoguRT <3333 YUM :D !!! thanks so much dear and very very sorry for the late reply...been so busy this christmas >_<


@michelle chan: hey dear <3333333 missed you too T_T missed typepad >_< HAHHA thanks so much girl <3 aND YES :D !! POT POT POT POT <33333333 love them all too :DD !!!!!!!!!!

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOSH !>!>>!!??! seriously ???? !!!! oh my gosh >_< <3333333333333 now i want the new year to come fast..!!! the only problem would be that it means work will start ssoon :D !!! ahhahah XD

sorry for the late reply <3

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