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hey totwi~ izyan desu! dunno if you still remember me~ but i always stalk your blog but since i'm so lazy to make a typepad account i just become a silent reader after you move from vox~ hehe~

but as usual~ im loving ur post~ very very much~ your post always made me wanna cry~*teary-eyed*

the hatenai sora performance is so beautiful so awesome~ im just loving it~ one of my favourite performance i think =)

i will always read your post~ remember you have a loyal reader here =)


hellooo! glad you got your con goods and gantz flyer! nino looks so yummy in gantz. c: i would love for ohno to do a movie toooo. and i'm loving what you said about arashi and their relationship with each other. i think they're one of the few groups were it's not like.. just ONE member out of the whole group is popular and only that ONE member is popular. arashi's popularity is (more or less LOL) evenly spread out, which i like. :D

the FNS perf was amazing! aiba looked GORGEOUS


@izyan:hey girl !!!! of course i remember ^_^ !!! so sorry T_T been busy..could not reply earlier but thank you so much for the comment <33333

i KNOW I LOVEDddd the perf <333 it was so clean and emotional :D !!!! and yeap it ranks quite high up

thank you so much dear <333 luv ya lots <3 hope you are doing well ^____^ <333


@rainingpandas/michelle chan:

hey dear :DD !!! thank you so much !!! so sorry for the late reply !!!! been busy T_T
I KNOWWWW nino looks hot in the flyer :DD
i would love ohchan to be in a movie too T_T really would..hiaz..we will have to wait !! i have a VERY strange feeling that there is something big waiting to happen next year :D !!!
qoute "arashi's popularity is (more or less LOL) evenly spread out, which i like." TOTALLY agree !!! best phrasing ever :D

thanks dear <3 hope you are doing greattt ~~and yes aiba is one of the few ppl in this world where i really feel looks beautiful in anything ;DDD

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