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OMG confessions, i've been wanting to watch that for some time now! ever since i saw the trailer, i've been in love with it. i love these types of dramas/movies. thats probably why i loved maou so much too. :$ ♥


hiiii!!!!! I'm back from the living dead.XDDD

the first thing I did was check this post. I've heard about the movie ' confessions' but not seen the trailer.. and just watching it now shows and makes me feel the broken personality of those people.I want to watch it preferably on the wide screen. The background music makes the violence portrayed as you said somehow 'surreal'


@rainingpandas/michelle chan: Hey dear XD
ITS AN AWESOME SHOW !!! really really good !!! DESHO !!! i love these types too >_< <333 really makes the show/ movie worth while to watch ^^


how are you ?>> *huggs*..been a while ~~
i know i read that you were busy but gosh i hope you are doing ok !! health and work ? hope things are going fine ne

oh yes cofessions is really good and yes gosh YES...all of them are broken ..so so badly it hurts...>_<..and i can so tell you will love it too !! definitely !!

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