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Hey bb, I agree with everything you said. I would definitely love hearing an Ohno solo album, because I would really love to see him challenge other sorts of music genres aside from the usual power ballads and Arashi singles. I think his voice is talented enough to do that. I, too, think he wouldn't separate from the group. I mean, even with the Solo PV and everything, everything still stayed the same completely. A solo album would be awesome! Haha either way, Arashi's always gonna be Arashi. :)


I would like to add to the hypothesis-
management issues and profitability would also come into question. If he did do a solo album would it sell as much as ARASHI's?

I'm one of his fans that wants him to do an album for all the same reasons you stated above. I hate to say it, but I want to hear songs composed for him that would bring out the natural voice quality. And no matter how I like ARASHI, there is a part of me that always wishes that THAT song could've been sung solo by him beautifully .

Frankly, I would love this to happen before he reaches his middle or late thirties. Knowing that the vocal chords do tire out and voice quality does change over time.

I DO NOT discount the other ARASHI members, in fact their voice quality as you've said does add character to the songs they sing and sometimes, even though ohno does sing clearly, his voice comes out as technical rather than beautiful. There are a instances where I can say that Nino's voice has held more emotion than Ohno's. And although imperfect makes more of an impact.

This is one of major reasons I want him to have an album. I would like him to be given the opportunity to sing songs that will bring out his true singing quality. And maybe to confirm for myself (even though I've watched countless of videos, fancams, DVD's and read attestations of fans) that his voice can move mountains.


YES! It would really be great if Ohno releases a Solo album!!! I do agree of what you have stated above... I love Ohno's voice so much!!! Besides, his solo singles were a success, right? (Though, I didn't know there were some fans who were unhappy that he released a single without the other members... hmm...) But I bet, having an album of his own would also be a big success. And I am pretty sure that the other members would always be supportive... who knows, they might help out with the promotions???!!! =D


@raining pandas chan/michelle chan: I know ne :D i just really want to hear his voice on other genres and i want to hear him perform live on all the music shows :D with songs that are both vocaly demanding and performance based :D !!

So sorry for the late reply dear <3 thanks for the comment !!


THANK YOU FOR THE LONG and really insightful comment <333 relaly wanted to reply you earlier..but internet has been crap poo...~_~...

anyway AHH YES i did forget about that factor ! the money factor..the issue to do with profit ...it really will make a big difference to whether the company will bother to dish out an album just for him.

and yes the earlier would be better..because yeap, his vocals might not be that great later on in life once the body starts to slow down T_T...and gosh YES nino has much more emotions in his voice sometimes <3 i love his voice too !! if only nino had better breathing technique <3

i know T_T..i really wished he could sing take me faraway at music station..T_T...or like any live show..T_T...ARGH ohchan <333 oh well...we just got to hope next year will bring many surprises :DD !!!

thanks so much for the comment nimby chan and really sorry for the late reply <3


a-ddict chan <3: hey dear <33 so sorry for the late reply and thank you so much for the comment.

sou ne..i was a bit shocked too when i read the complaints about him releasing singles by himself..but i guess in a way its to be expected. not all fans will be open minded..but its ok ^_^ its a normal reaction. but what you talked about is really CUTE :D !!! ahhh i can just so imagine them helping with the promotions XD hahahahhahahah XD SO CUTE

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