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Hello! First time commenting, hope it´s OK ^ ^

I found Your blog on vox and just love the way You make in words Your thought of Arashi and Satoshi! I´m huge Satoshi fan, too and Your opinion on him is so much close to mine that it´s always so wonderful to read your texts that has so much heart on them! ^ ^ (sorry for my English, not my mother tongue..)

Especially this "box" thing that You wrote, I really agree to it! For Arashi all the 5 members are needed. The first thing for what I love Satoshi so much is his character. But he just couldn´t be able to bring his character to day light only by him self, it´s the other 4 members that make him really shine (輝く)^ ^


Lol, oh man I have to watch that interview soon. Seems interesting! I completely agree with everything you wrote about each member's take on answering questions and stuff. The box metaphor is so accurate. (y) I can't wait to see how they host Kouhaku! :D


I really really like how you described them as a whole. I can't help but smile whenever I read this. I wish i could see that interview. But nevertheless, your descriptions are enough to give me the big picture.


susutintin chan@ : HEllllo ~~~ *gives a hug*..OF course its ok ^_^ comment if you want to ^^..no pressure whats so ever~~~i should be thanking you for commenting instead..so thank you ^_^ and please dont worry about your english...its totally fine ^_^

ahhh *blushes*..thank you so much for your kind words...i am really not good at conveiing my thoughts all the time...and i am very convulated...i ramble alot...but thank you for reading them ~!! ahha its great to find like minded ppl ^_^ and i totally agree that arashi makes him shine !!

thanks for your comment once again


@ michelle chan : thanks so much dear<3 and yes now i am actually VERY VERY excited for the end of the year :DDD

@nimby: *huggles*...thanks nimby chan <333 really thank you!!


Hi, Totwi-chan! I have no words for this entry except that I love it so much! The box analogy was pure brilliance. Prose and analysis combined. XD

Have a happy weekend!


Thank you so much dear<333333
really appreciate that you read it though its so long TT^TT<3333
have a great weekend too *huggles*

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