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Don't lie to me!

Aaaaaaaaaaa...........my heart could stop!!!

Kyaaa....I'm now are stomping my feet here >_<


Nope, looks like no Countdown....EE???!! Hountou!!!
EE...but but, the only thing that'll keep me sleepy from watching countdown is Arashi. E...????


YEYYYYY :D I know i am so happy that they got it !!
but yup i think countdown will be a no this year...but its ok to me...in fact ahhaha i wont be surprised if they do show them at count down but through live feed from kouhaku venue XD you never know when it comes to arashi :D


Yeah, I got too excited after reading the news that I totally forgot about the Johnny's Countdown!!!! But yeah, live feed will be a good idea... =D

By the way, would you know who will be the host for this year's countdown?


HAHAH live feed will be adorable desho ;D !!
no idea who will be hosting this year ne...i am putting my bets on NEWs kana...if its a younger gen...and if its older...i would say V6 because next year is their 15th anni...XD

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