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I need this subbed.. XDDD.. I'm dying to know the interaction between Jun and Ohno. XDDD especially with that chopstick issue..


This episode actually made my morning! It was around 2 am and I was still awake contemplating if I should watch the entire thing. I'm glad I did!

Their interactions as a group and with Miyane was so natural that I can't help but smile and laugh with each and every turn! I agree with your observations with Arashi and Rida was absolutely funny, endearing and hilarious, all at the same time. Believe me, I'll repeat this episode after this!

PS: I miss the Vox interactions too! *hugs*


Totwi-chan~! As always, your review is so <3 I love how you interpreted it in your own thought. I have yet to see this, but now, totally eager to watch it soon after reading your post. Really love Miyane-san especially when he mentioned Arashi. He's totally such a fanboy over them. He even called Ohchan as OHCHAN during Kaibutsu <3333 He's amazing. I bet that's why he's quite popular right now.


HAven't watched it yet, but really your 'little review' there made me to go and DL t ASAP!

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hello =)
first time commenting on ur blog, pls dont mind me. i enjoy reading ur comments/ramblings on arashi chan =) i hv zero knowledge in nihongo so i always hv problem understanding arashi shows. but after reading ur reviews on the recent Anis, i decided to dwld it n watched it anyway! like u said, i hv fun watching arashi's interaction with miyane san! esp ohno's part (he's my ichiban!) u should watch the after the show part where miyane asked o-chan to rank the most generous person in arashi. it was really funny to c how he place nino as the most keichi person even though they didnt hv dinner together =D


TO ALL WHO COMMENTED : THANK YOU SO MUCH and so sorry for the late reply...m(_ _)m..this is a bulk reply

@nimby chan: I WANT IT SUBBED TOO >_< !! there was too mUCH epic in this :D!!

@maaaaaann chan <3333: *huggles* it made my day too that day <333 i love miyane <3 the interactions like you said were SO natural its just so comfortable to watch, relax and laugh along XD...

@fitrin chan : Heyyyy dear <3 WE LOVE OHCHAN FANBOYS DONT WE :DD !!! hahahah but ohchan is really getting much more fanboys this year :D !! fufufufuf !!

@yui chan: fuuffu hope you enjoyed it :D

@satoshi252 chan:I DONT MIND AT ALL :DD !!! <33 thank you so much for reading and for even commenting !! really appreciate it ...sometimes i just want to know if others think the same way or am i the only weird one O_O..so really thank you !
I KNOW I SAW THE RANKING PART !!!! FUFUUF HAAHAHA totally hilarious <3 they are like the best when it comes to rankings and making it all funny !!!
thank you so muchie <3

hope you guys have an awesome week and weekend ahead!

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