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ONe point goes to totwi ^^
Heard about the 1million shipment for Beginner. Not upsett or anything. Just sad.
1, coz I wanna see Arashi in news, all news (hehehe, such a selfish fan :P ) on new year about their yearly single. Especially if it's still on 1 n 2 respectively.
2, I would be very very okay n all right if its sells well for how much the fans support them (well, they do love them...you know..)n the song, not bcoz of the handshake n election mostly or anything. I mean, if Utada Hikaru's next single gets to top Arashi, I won't throw a fit to it. Coz it's Hikki. What else?
The same goes for album.

As of now, I always feel proud n happy whenever I see their names/song being played in oricon/MS rangking hehehe
And I guess, we're being spoiled of recent Arashi's sales figures.
That's why I can see how your point there goes. Yes, we need to let go some of our selfish wish here, deep down even I am sooo wanting them to still in the top :P.

Let's keep support n love them no matter what the figures may speak in the next year, the next next year, n the next 10 year :P

And let's keep remind ourself, the fans, from fan to fan, to keep to love n support them positively ne.
THank you tot-chan

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