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the first part of your post was really saddening... I give my prayers to him as well...

I also had a tough time this week, with a friend suffering from a serious illness... he can still be cured though, but what saddened me is the fact that he doesnt want to go through surgery and just want to give up life... We were trying to persuade him and let him know how precious life is, but he is just being so plainly stubborn that upsets all of us. =(

anyway, sorry if I shared my own worries... I just have to let it out after reading your post.


hey dear <3
thank you <3333

and seriously dont be sorry at all<333 its really better to let out your worries T_T <33333

oh gosh....that is really hard on you all T_T....especially when its someone you care a lot for T_T and when that the person does not see that makes it very sad....T____T *huggies* oh gosh....>__<....i hope that your friend will change his mind.. i hope that he will realize that there is so much to live for...and so many ppl who love him and want to spend more time with him....i will keep him in prayer too <333...dont worry.i am sure he will realise he needs to treasure his life and go through the surgery <33333333333
please take care too ne <33333


thanks... that is why as much as possible we talk to him... and make sure that he feels that he's not alone... sigh... i also hope and pray that he can get back to his senses...


Omg i'm so sorry to hear about your colleague. I agree with you, it's awful how only when things like these happen - everybody realizes how precious life is and how we should love every minute of it. I tend to forget that too. :( I wish the best for him, you and everyone else. ♥

I like what you said about Arashi and them looking past their popularity! :D AND YES, OHNO IN JEANS.. I was shocked he was on the list too! Lol, the first thing I was reminded of was him and the jeans he wore during Top Secret and Rain. *___*


Were you involved in accident or something? I hope its nothing serious like that.

Yep, witnessing a death of someone you know or even not know is pretty traumatic on one side. But there is one thing you should remember that could also bring you peace. Although your colleague was facing death (and it is a frightening concept) during the final hours, you were there beside him as a comfort intentionally or unintentionally, friend or foe.


Oh my god Totwi are you ok?? I'm really sorry that something like that has happened. It must be very difficult. But I guess this teaches us that we must do whatever we can to be happy because life is really very short. Please don't be sad.
I'm so sorry I haven't left any comments lately. I've just started university and I've been invaded with a whole load of essays and things to do >_< I don't know how you could do it! XD I'm so proud of you though, now you've started working!! Time flies doesn't it?
I just wanted to say Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I wish you all the best Totwi!!! Really!!! Please be happy and do things which will make you happy.


@rainingpandas: thank you so much michelle chan<3 really appreciate it <333
and haha YES that is exactly what i mean about ohchan and jeans :DDD !!!! he looks like SO HOT in BOTH those perfs :DDD *FAINTS*
hope you are doing well ^__^


@nimby chan: hey dear <3 no it was not an accident but my fellow worker collapsed in the office...and i happened to be there early in the morning so i could rush to help..but....hiaz...T_T..
thank you so much dear T___________T seriously <333 *Huggggiesss x100000000) really thank you ....T_T..... <3333 will have to always keep that in mind <3333 thank you so much <3

hope you are doing fine ^___^


@oreiji chan <3333 : thank you so much <3 really thank you *hugggiiiiiiiiees and cuddless*...really...T_T....you are right ne...hontou ni.....we really must treasure the life we have
and seriously dont worry about it at all....you have nothing to say sorry for.....i totally understand what you mean about uni....XDDDDD.....its the workload desho ....ARgh HOrrible memories XD....and yeap this is the essays and projects period...O_O but i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you for going to the University and taking such an awesome major :DDDD !!!!!!!! gosh....life has...moved really fast desho....ahhahaha XDDDDD one minute we are studying the next we are earning money and sweating like puppies.....XDDDDDD HAHAHHA
i am really sorry i have not left comments on your bloggy too.....i am sometimes SO tired to do ANything.....O_O.....i really wonder how amber chan did it O________O wow O_______O hahah XDDDDDDD
oh gosh ganbare ne !!! esp with the workload O_O and the readings AND the essays and the presentations and the group projects....gosh working with ppl sometimes are even more harder O_O.....

ARIGATOUUUUUUU OREIJI CHAN XDDDDDD *blushes*.....haha XD arigatou ne ^______^ <3333
un ganbarimasu <333333 *huggies*

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