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I feel much better now that I stopped worrying about sales too, haha. Oh and btw, I watched all the Kaibutsu-kun DVD Extras here: http://community.livejournal.com/akaisuki_drop/99888.html . You have to be a member of their community though. :s



oh my gosh you too : D !!!!! *high five*...it works right : D ahhaha XD.....
OH THANK YOU SO MUCH Michelle <33333 *hugs*...YEY :D *runs off to d/l*..i am a member :D THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!


YOU'RE WELCOME! ohno's interaction with hiroshi (i forget his real name ahaha) is SO cute *____* lol i don't know why i wasn't signed in before.. typepad is confusing to use. XD


ahhaha :D YES YES his interaction is sooo cute :D sometimes i am scared that what we see in the magazines about their interactions are not really true but looks like this is true :D and its sooooo endearing watching ohchan so lovable XD>....hahahhah oooooh your TP name is raining pandas XD !! so CUTE :D *thinks of raining pandas*


Hi, Totwi-chan! I just dropped by to say welcome back! Me, too, I haven't been online that much because of work plus my office has banned most sites including Typepad and LJ. Thus, I miss Arashi!

Good luck on your work! *hugs*

INXS: Rida loves hugs in the Kaibutsu making! I just gotta love the man! Also, I hope you got my email a few weeks ago. Talk to you soon! XD


maaannnnnn chann <33333

OH MY GOSH they banned the site O_O !!! T_T
GANBARE on your work too :D

AHH YOU SENT ME A MAIL ALREADY ? O_____O !!!! *runs to go check* ....my hotmail has been going a bit crazy ....OH GOSH .....WILL REPLY YOU THE MOMENT I FIND it !!! thank you so much for tell me here XD....

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